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Wilbert Phillips-Mora, Adriana Arciniegas-Leal, Allan Mata-QuirĂ³s & Juan Carlos Motamayor-Arias (2013) Catalogue of Cacao Clones Selected by CATIE for Commercial Plantings. Technical series. Technical manual/CATIE no.105

Clone nameNotes
CATIE-R1Trees small in size, with moderate foliage and branches with semierect growth.
CATIE-R4Trees of intermediate size, dense foliage and semi-erect branches.
CATIE-R6Trees of intermediate size, foliage dense and erect bushy and branches.
CC 137Trees of large size, leafy and robust. Open branches that tend to join together between rows.
ICS 95Trees with the largest size of the 6 clones, leafy and robust. Branches open with much foliage that rapidly closes the space between rows.
PMCT 58Trinitario hybrid of unknown parents.
PMCT 58Trees of intermediate size, but with a lot of variation. Their branches are open.