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KWN 3.10.1  Theobroma cacao

Synonyms: KW618


Local selection (ICCRI, Indonesia)   Susilo, A., 2008


KW 162  x TSH 858    Susilo, A., 2008
KW 162  x TSH 858    Susilo, Agung W et al., 2020


List received in 2008   Reference
• Accession: IDN-13-TCAC-00618
   - Local Name: KWN 3.10.1 (KW162XTSH858)

Susilo, A. (2008) The list of germplasm collected by ICCRI. Personal communication from Agung Susilo, July 2008.
Susilo, Agung W, Indah Anita-sari, & Bayu Setyawan (2020) Yield Performance of Promising Cocoa Clones. Pelita Perkebunan 36