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EET 61 [ECU]    Theobroma cacao

Derivation: Estacion Experimental Tropical.
Location: E.E.T. Pichilingue, Ecuador.

Notes:  Some EET clones are imported genotypes which have been given the duplicate identifier [IMP], [POU] for kown Pound collections and [MIG] for known SAN MIGUEL clones.

Synonyms: SAN JAVIER 11 [ECU], ETS 61 [ECU], SAN JANVIER 11 [ECU]

Location: Los Rios, Ecuador
Coordinates: 79.50 W, 1.00 S
   Marita, J. M. et al., 2001

 - Los Rios
   Ecuador - Pichilingue, 1987
 Mother to:
EET 437 [ECU]    Ecuador - Pichilingue, 1987
EET 491 [ECU]    Ecuador - Pichilingue, 1987
EQX 30 [EQX]    Trinidad - ICTA (EQX), No Date
EQX 31 [EQX]    Trinidad - ICTA (EQX), No Date


 Jaime A Osorio-Guarín et al., 2020
BioProject: PRJNA734904   NCBI   ENA FASTQ 
Library Source: Genomic
Run: SRR14743677   NCBI   ENA FASTQ 
Experiment: SRX11078445
BioSample: SAMN19549136
SampleName: EET61
SampleSource: AGROSAVIA, Colombia

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List received in 2012   Reference
• Accession: 1064
   - Local Name: EET 61
List received in 1990   Reference
• Local Name: EET 61 [ECU]
List received in 2012   Reference
• Local Name: EET - 61

 Enriquez, G. & Soria, V.J., 1977

Marita, J. M., Nienhuis, J., Pires, J. L. & Aitken, W. M. (2001) Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Theobroma cacao with Emphasis on Witches’ Broom Disease Resistance. Crop Sci. 41:1305–1316.
Ecuador - Pichilingue (1987) Nomina de clones y numero de plantas existentes en la coleccion internacional de germoplasma de cacao, EET, Pichilingue. Unpublished report, E.E.T. Pichilingue, Ecuador. pp. 18.
Trinidad - ICTA (EQX) (No Date) List of the parentage of EQX accessions. Untitled manuscript, Cocoa Research Unit, University of the West Indies, Trinidad. pp.1.
Jaime A Osorio-Guarín, Jhon A Berdugo-Cely, Roberto A Coronado-Silva, Eliana Baez, Yeirme Jaimes, Roxana Yockteng (2020) Genome-Wide Association Study Reveals Novel Candidate Genes Associated with Productivity and Disease Resistance to Moniliophthora spp. in Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.). G3 Genes|Genomes|Genetics, Volume 10, Issue 5, Pages 1713–1725
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