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KE2-106  Theobroma cacao


 Asia-pacific, Working Group, 2012
Recommended seed parent in:
Papua New Guinea (Rabaul/Madang)
Male-only Parent in Seed Garden with: KEE 5   |  KEE 12   |  KEE 23   |  KEE 42   |  KEE 43   |  KEE 47   |  K 82 [KER] 
Recommended by: Cocoa and Coconut Institute (CCI), Papua New Guinea
Year: 1985 (Current)
Note: Hand pollinated.
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Asia-pacific, Working Group (2012) Planting Materials Available for Cocoa Farmers in Asia / Pacific Region. INGENIC Seventh Workshop: Cocoa Variety Development and the Supply of Planting Materials to Farmers. 21st - 22nd October 2012