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LCT EEN 218    Theobroma cacao

 Allen, J.B. (1987)
London Cocoa Trade Amazon Project. Final Report Phase 2. Cocoa Growers' Bulletin (Cadbury Schweppes plc, Birmingham, U.K.) 39: pp. 1-94.

Derivation: London Cocoa Trade Est. Exp. Napo.
Collected by Allen.
Location: Ecuador.

Notes:  Allen, 1989a [ALL89A] Seedling progenies are identifed by the suffix /s2, /s3. The numbers in the suffix of the seedling material relates to the genebank/quarantine station where the seedling material was originally sent as follows:

s1,s2... in San Carlos genebank, Ecuador,

s101,s102... at Kew (and moved to Trinidad),

s201,s202... at USDA Miami quarantine station,

s301,s302... at Barbados quarantine station.


Synonyms: EEN 218

Location: R. Villano, Para, Ecuador (secondary/cleared forest)
Date: 17 July 1981
Coordinates: 77.27 W, 1.30 S
Material collected: Budwood
Altitude: 330 m
Notes: Villano, down river, north bank
Expedition Code: 80EQ
   Allen, J.B., 1987


 Xavier Argout et al., 2023
BioProject: PRJNA880462   NCBI   ENA FASTQ 
Library Source: Genomic
Run: SRR21562163   NCBI   ENA FASTQ 
Experiment: SRX17564416
BioSample: SAMN30841437
SampleName: LCTEEN_218

List received in 1990   Reference
• Local Name: LCT EEN 218
List received in 2012   Reference
• Local Name: LCT-218

Colour Dark Purple: Absent
Colour Light Purple: Present
Colour White: Present
Number: 39.0
Length: 26.8 mm
Width: 16.2 mm
Thickness: 9.1 mm
Cotyledon Wet Weight: 2.80 g

Basal Constriction: absent
Apex Form: acute
Rugosity: moderate
Husk Thickness: 16 mm
Length: 184.0 mm
Breadth: 105.0 mm
Colour: anthocyanin absent
Weight: 752.0 g
Length Breadth Ratio: 1.75
Note: genebank data

Colour: anthocyanin absent
Colour: anthocyanin absent

Allen, J.B. (1987) London Cocoa Trade Amazon Project. Final Report Phase 2. Cocoa Growers' Bulletin (Cadbury Schweppes plc, Birmingham, U.K.) 39: pp. 1-94.
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