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PENTAGONA 5 [CRI]    Theobroma cacao

Collected by CATIE.

Notes:  Bartley, 1998a [BAR98A] Criollo varieties collected from elsewhere (Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama) and which were planted in different fields according to their origin. Any pods selected from these trees would most likely have produced seedlings with different shaped pods.

02/09/98 Duplicate identifier [CRI] added to differentiate the pentagona type collection of CATIE and the two old pentagona selections held in Palmira. Bartley, 1998a [BAR98A] The pentagona type was originally exclusively criollo and was so distinctive it was described by Bernoulli as a variety. The term is now used descriptively and pentagona "populations" may now contain some amelonado types. PENTAGONA /R and PENTAGONA /V are old selections probably made from plantations. They may be selections made from a set of seedlings of a pod of a pentagona. These are different from the collection of pentagona types PENTAGONA 1 [CRI] to PENTAGONA 18 [CRI] held in Costa Rica.



MATINA  x Unknown
 - Turrialba
   Morera, J. et al., 1991


 Morera, J. et al., 1991
Shape: pentagona
Colour: green

Morera, J., Paredes, A. & Mora, A. (1991) Germoplasma de cacao en el CATIE entre 1947 y 1991, Programa II: Generacion y transferencia de tecnologia. IICA, San Jose, Costa Rica, pp. 49.