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SC 49 [COL]    Theobroma cacao

 Hunter, J.R. (1961)
The status of cacao variety improvement work in the Western Hemisphere. Cacao (Costa Rica) 4: pp. 1-16.

Derivation: Seleccion Colombiana.
Location: Palmira, Valle, Colombia.

Notes:  Doak & Zambrano, 1961 [DOA61A] Collected in 1961.

Bartley, 1993a [BAR93A]. May be the same as MIRANDA in Soria, 1970a [SOR70A].

In previous versions of the ICGD the SPA [COL] clones were included as synonyms of the group SC [COL] (SC 57 - 76 inclusive). The synonymy has now been reversed as this material was originally described as SPA and is more widely known under this name, as advised by Dr. Bartley.


Synonyms: SCS 49 [COL]

Bartley, 1998a [BAR98A] Some of the SC [COL] material in Brazil has been mixed up. The SC 49 [COL] in CEPLAC may not be the same as the one held in Colombia.

Location: Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Coordinates: 76.50 W, 3.50 N
   Marita, J. M. et al., 2001


 Jaime A Osorio-Guarín et al., 2020
BioProject: PRJNA734904   NCBI   ENA FASTQ 
Library Source: Genomic
Run: SRR14743817   NCBI   ENA FASTQ 
Experiment: SRX11078305
BioSample: SAMN19549215
SampleName: SC49
SampleSource: AGROSAVIA, Colombia

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List received in 2012   Reference
• Accession: 527
   - Local Name: SC 49
   - Year of Accession: 1984
• Accession: 527
   - Local Name: SC 49
   - Year of Accession: 1984
List received in 1987   Reference
• Accession: 192
   - Local Name: SC 49 [COL]
   - Year of Accession: 1967
List received in 2015   Reference
• Accession: SC 49 Quadra 5
   - Local Name: SC 49
List received in 2012   Reference
• Local Name: SC-49
   - Year of Accession: 1993
List received in 1989   Reference
• Local Name: SC 49 [COL]
List received in 1994   Reference
• Local Name: SC 49 [COL]
   - Year of Accession: 1992
List received in 1998   Reference
• Local Name: SC 49 [COL]
   - Year of Accession: 1993
List received in 2016   Reference
• Accession: PI 315220     GRIN-Global 
   - Local Name: SC 49 [COL]
   - Year of Accession: 1939

Moderately Susceptible, sp. P. palmivora (Pod).
 Phillips, W., 1997

Productivity: medium

Colour Purple: 17 %
Colour Light Purple: 79 %
Colour White: 4 %
Size: medium
Number: 27.8
Length: 23.1 mm
Width: 13.8 mm
Thickness: 10.4 mm
Total Wet Weight: 102.9 g
Wet Weight: 2.70 g
Cotyledon Wet Weight: 2.47 g
Cotyledon Dry Weight: 1.51 g

Testa: 1.86 %

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Rugosity: intense
Basal Constriction: very slight
Apex Form: slightly acute
Rugosity: slight - moderate
Colour: absent anthocyanin
Pods Per Tree: 5
Shape: orbicular
Basal Constriction: slight
Apex Form: acute
Rugosity: intense
Husk Thickness: 0.50 mm
Length: 212.4 mm
Breadth: 95.6 mm
Colour: dark red - green
Weight: 692.0 g
Hardness: moderate
Length Breadth Ratio: 2.22
Shape: amelonado
Colour: green

Colour: olive brown

Shape: obovate
Length: 291.4 mm
Width: 101.1 mm
Length to Width Ratio: 2.88
Apex Form: acuminate
Pulvinus Present: Yes

Ligule Colour: anthocyanin absent
Petal Length: 11.60 mm
Sepal Colour: moderate anthocyanin
Sepal Width: 2.05 mm
Sepal Length: 8.45 mm
Sepal Length to Width Ratio: 4.12
Ligule Length: 3.26 mm
Ligule Width: 2.96 mm
Ligule Length to Width Ratio: 1.10
Ribbon Length: 4.66 mm
Ovary Width: 1.00 mm
Ovary Length: 1.15 mm
Ovary Length to Width Ratio: 1.15
Ovule Number: 33
Style Length: 2.00 mm
Staminode Colour: violet red
Staminode Length: 6.40 mm
Pedicel Length: 13.15 mm
Pedicel Colour: greyish magenta
Hairs on Upper Surface of Sepal: present
Pigmented Glands on Lower Surface of Sepal: present
Self Compatibility: self incompatible
Note: Translation of Pantone colour codes.

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