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T SPECIOSUM    Theobroma speciosum

Notes:  Theobroma speciosum. CATIE collection. As given in Cuatrecasas, 1964a [CUA64A].


 Xavier Argout et al., 2023
BioProject: PRJNA880462   NCBI   ENA FASTQ 
Library Source: Genomic
Run: SRR21562120   NCBI   ENA FASTQ 
Experiment: SRX17564459
BioSample: SAMN30841569
SampleName: T_speciosa_4713

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Current List   ICQC,R Website
• Accession: RUQ 1182     ICQC,R 
   - Local Name: Theobroma speciosum
List received in 2018   Reference
• Accession: 22353
   - Local Name: Theobroma speciosum
• Accession: 22387
   - Local Name: Theobroma speciosum
   - Year of Accession: 2017

Accession: RUQ 1180
Light Saturated Photosynthetic Rate: 6.64 μmol m2 s-1
Stomatal Conductance: 0.15 mol m2 s-1
Transpiration Rate: 1.34 mmol m2 s-1
Intrinsic Water Use Efficiency: 47.59 μmol mol-1
Instantaneous Water Use Efficiency: 4.85 mmol mol-1
Flush Size: 5
Leaf Area: 198.80 cm2
Leaf Dry Weight: 1.46 g
Specific Leaf Area: 135.80 cm2 g-1

Xavier Argout, Gaetan Droc, Olivier Fouet, Mathieu Rouard, Karine Labadie, Bénédicte Rhoné, Gaston Rey Loor & Claire Lanaud (2023) Pangenomic exploration of Theobroma cacao: New Insights into Gene Content Diversity and Selection During Domestication. bioRxiv preprint
Allan Mata (2018) Accession list for the International Cacao Collection at CATIE (IC3). Personal communication.
Fiona Lahive (2017) Phenotypic data from climate change trials. Personal communication.