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VENC 4 /11 [FRA]    Theobroma cacao

 Lanaud, C. (1986)
Rapport de prospection au Venezuela, Fevrier 1986. Unpublished report, AGPG:IBPGR (FAO, Rome)/86/80, pp. 18.

Collected by Leal.
Location: Bolivar and Amazonas, Venezuela.

Notes:  CIRAD-CP Montpellier, 1994a [MON94A]. Clone name may be given in the form 1VEN 2A where 1 refers to the pod number, 2 refers to the seed number and A refers to the budding number. These names appear in the format VENC 1/2 in the database.


Synonyms: VEN 4 /11 [FRA]


Location: Cerro Bergatin, Bolivar, Venezuela (primary forest)
Date: 5 February 1986
Coordinates: 65.38 W, 7.08 N
Material collected: Seed
Notes: foot of C.B.,1hr on foot-Las Bombitas,5km-la Candelaria
Expedition Code: 86VE
   Lanaud, C., 1986


VENC 4 [FRA]  x Unknown
 - Grown from wild collected pod VENC 4 [FRA]


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List received in 2018   Reference
• Accession: 22343
   - Local Name: VENC-4/11 [FRA]
List received in 1994   Reference
• Local Name: VENC 4 /11 [FRA]
   - Year of Accession: 1987
List received in 2012   Reference
• Local Name: VENC4/11
List received in 2008   Reference
• Accession: VTLC 203
   - Local Name: VENC-4/11


Moderate Resistance, sp. P. palmivora (Leaf).
 Kebe, 1999


 K. F. N’Guessan et al., 2003

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