Bean Data  

Freddy Amores, Geover Peña, Darío Calderón, Juan Agama, Carmen Suarez, Juan Motamayor, Raymond Schnell, James Quiroz, Gastón Loor & Omar Tarqui (2009) Research to Identify and Develop High Yielding Fine and Flavour Cocoa Clones in Ecuador. In: Proceedings of the 16th International Cocoa Research Conference, Bali, Indonesia (November 2009). Cocoa Producers' Alliance, Lagos, Nigeria.

Clone nameDry weight
B 60 [ECU]0.76
CCN 511.62
EET 103 [ECU]1.54
INIAP T 3021.14
INIAP T 4051.26
INIAP T 4841.61
INIAP T 5331.20
INIAP T 5611.17
INIAP T 5641.26
INIAP T 5730.88
INIAP T 6321.28
INIAP T 6411.11
INIAP T 6561.53