Fruit Data  

Bartley, B.G.D. (1993) Notes on the meaning and origins of clone names. B.G.D Bartley. Personal Communications.

Clone nameShapeSizeColour
GS 10criollo--
GS 13amelonado--
GS 17amelonado-green
GS 18amelonado--
GS 19criollo--
GS 2elliptical-red
GS 20criollo--
GS 26amelonado--
GS 29criollo-red
GS 32amelonado--
GS 34amelonado--
GS 35criollo--
GS 37criollo--
GS 38amelonado--
GS 4elliptical-red
GS 41amelonado--
GS 42elliptical-red
GS 43amelonado--
GS 44round-red
GS 46amelonado--
GS 48-smallred
GS 49round--
GS 5round--
GS 50round--
GS 52-smallred
GS 53criollo--
GS 6round-red
GS 61round--
GS 63amelonado--
GS 65criollo--
GS 67amelonado--
GS 68criollo--
GS 70amelonado--
GS 71amelonado--
GS 72amelonado-green
GS 74criollo-red
GS 79amelonado--
GS 9amelonado--