Fruit Data  

Enriquez, G.A. & Soria, V.J. (1967) Cacao Cultivars Register. IICA Teaching and Research Centre, Costa Rica

Clone nameShapeRidge descHusk thicknessLengthBreadthColourHardnessLength breadth ratio
C 4 /11 [TRI]amelonadopaired13.5 mm150.090.0yellow and red / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)hard1.69
CC 10angoletapaired14.8 mm210.099.0yellowsoft2.09
CC 41amelonadopaired16.8 mm162.096.0yellowvery hard1.75
CC 9cundeamorpaired12.7 mm165.082.0yellowsoft1.92
EET 103 [ECU]angoletapaired16.2 mm179.094.0yellow / dark yellow (ridge/furrow)very hard1.95
EET 156 [ECU]amelonado-------
EET 162 [ECU]cundeamorpaired15.3 mm168.092.0yellow and red / yellow (ridge/furrow)very hard1.78
EET 19 [ECU]cundeamorpaired17.4 mm196.0104.0yellow and red / yellow (ridge/furrow)soft1.91
EET 238 [ECU]angoletapaired17.3 mm177.099.0yellow and red / yellow (ridge/furrow)very hard1.79
EET 374 [ECU]cundeamorpaired1.56 mm209.094.0yellowsoft2.14
EET 392 [ECU]angoletapaired14.8 mm194.095.0yellowsoft2.04
EET 399 [ECU]angoletapaired15.1 mm213.093.0yellowvery hard2.30
EET 400 [ECU]angoletapaired13.3 mm156.092.0yellowsoft2.05
EET 48 [ECU]cundeamorpaired17.3 mm180.096.0yellow and red / yellow (ridge/furrow)very hard1.82
EET 62 [ECU]cundeamorpaired18.3 mm191.0104.0yellow and red / yellow (ridge/furrow)very hard1.85
EET 95 [ECU]cundeamorpaired15.9 mm179.093.0yellowvery hard1.79
EET 96 [ECU]angoletapaired17.6 mm188.0100.0yellow and red / yellow (ridge/furrow)very hard1.82
GS 29angoletapaired12.7 mm185.083.0dark red / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)soft2.28
GS 36cundeamorpaired13.6 mm182.087.0red and yellow / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)very hard2.20
ICS 1amelonadopaired12.9 mm176.086.0red and yellowsoft2.05
ICS 100angoletapaired12.1 mm163.085.0yellow / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)soft2.00
ICS 16amelonadopaired15.7 mm174.096.0yellow and red / yellow, red and green (ridge/furrow)very hard1.78
ICS 55angoletapaired10.8 mm142.075.0red and yellowvery soft1.90
ICS 6cundeamorpaired13.4 mm183.095.0yellow / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)very hard2.04
ICS 75angoletapaired10.8 mm159.089.0yellow and red / yellow (ridge/furrow)soft1.82
ICS 8cundeamorpaired 9.2 mm173.085.0yellow / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)soft2.16
ICS 89cundeamorpaired13.0 mm170.085.0yellow and redsoft1.98
ICS 95cundeamorpaired11.9 mm193.078.0dark red and yellow / red and yellow (ridge/furrow)very soft2.42
ICS 98cundeamorpaired12.5 mm174.079.0red and yellowsoft2.24
IMC 67cundeamorpaired14.3 mm191.085.0yellow / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)very hard2.00
OC 61 [VEN]cundeamorpaired14.2 mm213.090.0yellow and red / yellow (ridge/furrow)very soft2.39
OC 77 [VEN]cundeamorpaired15.0 mm199.087.0yellow and red / yellow (ridge/furrow)very soft2.31
PA 121 [PER]cundeamorpaired10.6 mm143.081.0yellowvery soft1.83
POUND 12amelonadopaired 9.6 mm137.072.0yellow and redvery soft1.92
POUND 18cundeamorpaired12.6 mm197.091.0yellow-2.18
POUND 7amelonadopaired12.0 mm154.081.0yellow and redvery hard1.90
PQTO 87 [VEN]angoletapaired13.0 mm147.084.0yellow and red / yellow (ridge/furrow)very hard1.75
RIM 10 [MEX]cundeamorpaired15.7 mm238.096.0yellowsoft2.48
RIM 13 [MEX]cundeamorpaired14.5 mm234.093.0yellowvery soft2.54
RIM 30 [MEX]cundeamorpaired14.9 mm224.095.0yellowsoft2.51
RIM 48 [MEX]cundeamorpaired14.6 mm233.095.0red and yellow / yellow (ridge/furrow)very soft2.46
SC 10 [VEN]angoletapaired15.4 mm182.095.0yellowhard1.93
SC 5 [COL]angoletapaired17.3 mm186.089.0red / yellow (ridge/furrow)soft2.08
SC 6 [COL]angoletapaired14.6 mm178.085.0red / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)soft2.14
SCA 12cundeamorpaired10.1 mm163.077.0yellow / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)very soft2.16
SCA 6cundeamorpaired 9.4 mm165.070.0yellowvery soft2.52
SIAL 163amelonadopaired14.6 mm151.088.0yellowsoft1.71
SIAL 325amelonadopaired14.6 mm163.090.0yellow / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)very hard1.81
SIAL 70amelonadopaired15.9 mm159.099.0yellow / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)moderate1.62
SIAL 88amelonadopaired16.1 mm142.097.0yellowhard1.47
SIC 801amelonadopaired16.5 mm139.090.0yellowvery hard1.55
SIC 802amelonadopaired17.2 mm144.093.0yellowhard1.55
SIC 812amelonadopaired16.8 mm128.084.0yellowvery hard1.52
SIC 823amelonadopaired13.4 mm132.085.0yellowvery hard1.54
SIC 831amelonadopaired16.3 mm144.093.0yellowmoderate1.56
SILECIA 1 [ECU]amelonadopaired-156.087.0yellow-1.81
SILECIA 5 [ECU]amelonadopaired---yellow--
SPA 9 [COL]amelonadopaired18.1 mm176.098.0yellowsoft1.80
TSA 644angoletapaired13.9 mm198.086.0yellowhard2.39
TSA 654angoletapaired 9.7 mm165.076.0yellowvery soft2.23
TSAN 792angoletapaired 9.9 mm172.0-yellow and redvery soft2.13
TSH 565angoletapaired11.2 mm199.079.0yellow and redvery soft2.47
UF 221angoletapaired13.4 mm187.089.0red / yellow (ridge/furrow)soft2.12
UF 29amelonadopaired15.8 mm161.091.0yellowmoderate1.81
UF 613amelonadosingle17.1 mm199.097.0red and yellow / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)very hard2.01
UF 650angoletapaired19.3 mm194.0101.0yellow and red / yellow (ridge/furrow)soft2.01
UF 667angoletapaired19.2 mm198.0102.0red and yellow / yellow and red (ridge/furrow)very hard2.01