Population Data  

Guiltinan, Mark (2019) Theobroma cacao Disease Resistance: Discovery and Functional Characterization of Genes Regulating Plant Immunity in Perennial Crops. NCBI

Clone namePopulation
AMAZ 12Iquitos
AMAZ 15 /15Iquitos
COCA 3370 /5 [CHA]Iquitos
ELP 37 AGuiana
GU 123 /VGuiana
GU 195 /VGuiana
GU 257 /EGuiana
IMC 105Iquitos
IMC 31Iquitos
IMC 57Iquitos
IMC 60Iquitos
KER 1-LGuiana
KER 6Guiana
NA 246Maranon
NA 33Nanay
NA 34Nanay
NA 70Nanay
NA 710Nanay
NA 807Nanay
NA 916Nanay
OYA 2 BGuiana
PA 107 [PER]Maranon
PA 13 [PER]Maranon
PA 16 [PER]Maranon
PA 279 [PER]Maranon
PA 299 [PER]Maranon
PA 71 [PER]Maranon
PA 81 [PER]Maranon
POUND 7Nanay
SPEC 54 /1Iquitos