Flush Data  

KKO (1993) Information from the KKO cocoa germplasm database. Information supplied on computer diskette by C. Cilas, CIRAD-CP, France.

Clone nameColour
ICS 1purple
ICS 100red
ICS 6pink
IFC 1 [CIV]green
IFC 5 [CIV]green
IMC 67green
NA 32green
S 84 /E-10-4-90 [TAF]green
SCA 6green
SILECIA 5 [ECU]green
SNK 10green and red
SNK 12red
SNK 48pink
SNK 64green
T 12 /5 [POS]green
T 60 /887 [POS]green
T 63 /967 [POS]green
T 79 /416 [POS]green
T 79 /467 [POS]green
T 79 /501 [POS]green
UF 667red
UF 676pink
UPA 134green
UPA 402green
UPA 409green