Bean Data  

Lee, M.T., Tay, E.B., Lamin, K. & Saedi, M. (1993) Catalogue of locally collected clones in Malaysia. Catalogue compiled by the Malaysian Cocoa Board, Sabah, Malaysia.

Clone nameColourShapeNumberLengthWidthThicknessDry weight
BAL 209dark purpleround37.720.712.98.01.11
BR 25dark purpleround40.
FP 10dark purpleelongate41.6---1.00
FP 6dark purpleelongate27.6---1.14
FP 7dark purpleelongate36.7---1.05
FP 8dark purple-45.0---1.06
FP 9dark purpleelongate34.724.5--1.18
KKM 1light purpleflat54.1---1.06
KKM 15--52.3---1.00
KKM 17--50.3---1.07
KKM 19--47.2---1.18
KKM 2light purpleelongate45.1---1.10
KKM 22red purple-38.2---1.09
KKM 25--25.9---1.30
KKM 26--32.0---1.15
KKM 27--42.0---1.18
KKM 28greyish pink-38.7---1.09
KKM 3--44.2---1.00
KKM 4--37.8---1.06
KKM 5purpleflat43.0---1.07
KKM 6light purpleflat32.0---1.30
PBC 112dark purpleelongate38.0---1.01
PBC 113light purpleelongate44.0---1.15
PBC 123dark purpleelongate42.0---1.04
PBC 130dark purpleflat36.0---1.28
PBC 131dark purpleelongate42.0---1.28
PBC 140dark purpleround33.0---1.26
PBC 159dark purpleelongate47.0---1.22
PBC 179light purpleelongate38.0---1.26
QH 1003light purpleelongate39.325.613.110.01.32
QH 1176light purpleflat41.323.413.56.81.04
QH 12light purpleelongate38.120.612.17.50.97
QH 1213dark purpleflat42.523.
QH 186dark purpleelongate44.921.711.27.10.97
QH 22dark purpleflat40.424.713.75.81.13
QH 240dark purpleelongate41.121.511.88.81.00
QH 37dark purpleflat36.827.314.28.21.50
QH 441dark purpleelongate38.119.911.87.61.00
QH 670light purpleflat40.423.714.66.71.17
SDS 11dark purpleelongate37.
SDS 18dark purpleelongate40.
SDS 20dark purpleelongate41.
SDS 21dark purpleelongate36.
SDS 36dark purpleelongate40.
SDS 4light purpleelongate41.
SDS 41dark purpleelongate38.
SDS 46dark purpleround39.
SDS 52dark purpleflat38.
SDS 54dark purpleelongate38.
SDS 58light purpleelongate39.
SDS 6dark purpleelongate37.
SDS 74dark purpleelongate40.
SDS 8dark purpleelongate38.
SDS 84light purpleelongate36.
TG 135light purpleround32.4---1.19
TG 137 /Alight purpleflat37.0---1.50
TG 137 /Bdark purpleround38.8---1.39
TG 148light purpleround36.0---1.62
TG 157light purpleflat44.6---1.72
TG 240dark purpleelongate36.4---0.89
TG 250light purpleround37.3---0.94
TG 266light purpleflat39.0---1.66
TG 446-round30.8---1.43
TG 78light purpleround42.5---0.98
TGClight purpleflat43.4---1.05
UPC 41light purpleelongate39.726.
UPC 50light purpleelongate30.624.614.69.81.30