Butterfat Data  

McMahon, P., Wahab, A., Susilo, A.W., Iswanto, A., Purwantara, A., Sulistyowati, E., Junianto, Y., Sukamto, S., Suntoro, Mufrihati, E., Imron, M., Hidayat, M., Ismail, D., Lambert, S., Guest, D, and Keane, P. (2006) Selection for Quality and Resistance to Phytophthora Pod Rot, Cocoa Pod Borer and Vascular-Streak Dieback in Cocoa in Sulawesi. In: Proceedings of the 15th International Cocoa Research Conference, San Jose, Costa Rica (2006). Cocoa Producers' Alliance, Lagos, Nigeria.

Clone nameFatTesta
418 /A-14.56
Aryadi 148.7014.78
Aryadi 252.5013.16
Aryadi 549.4017.49
Asmaun merah47.2015.90
BAL 20950.9016.53
BR 2548.5016.60
Darwis 147.9015.39
Darwis 248.6016.27
Darwis 350.6014.76
GS 2950.4015.38
Haris 149.0016.58
Haris 249.8012.72
Karmono 1-14.65
KEE 253.3013.29
KKM 2249.0013.92
M 4 [IDN]47.5030.62
PBK 1 sus-14.36
PBK 2 sus50.0021.70
PhytLad sus51.5012.81
RCC 7052.2015.52
RCC 7250.9013.18
RCC 7350.5017.08
SCA 1249.2017.27
VSD 2 res52.0016.18
VSD 3 res49.4016.19