Yield Data  

McMahon, P., Wahab, A., Susilo, A.W., Iswanto, A., Purwantara, A., Sulistyowati, E., Junianto, Y., Sukamto, S., Suntoro, Mufrihati, E., Imron, M., Hidayat, M., Ismail, D., Lambert, S., Guest, D, and Keane, P. (2006) Selection for Quality and Resistance to Phytophthora Pod Rot, Cocoa Pod Borer and Vascular-Streak Dieback in Cocoa in Sulawesi. In: Proceedings of the 15th International Cocoa Research Conference, San Jose, Costa Rica (2006). Cocoa Producers' Alliance, Lagos, Nigeria.

Clone nameSeed indexPod index
418 /A124.042.3
Anshary 1-27.6
Aryadi 1119.0-
Aryadi 2165.042.0
Aryadi 5154.043.8
Asmaun merah127.0-
BAL 209131.046.7
BR 25127.043.8
Darwis 1150.0-
Darwis 2143.043.1
Darwis 3151.0-
GS 29101.048.9
Haris 1124.046.6
Haris 2128.055.5
Karmono 1126.0-
KEE 2132.0-
KKM 22132.039.1
M 4 [IDN]126.0-
PBK 1 sus118.044.8
PBK 2 sus177.073.2
PhytLad sus95.041.5
RCC 7093.0-
RCC 72129.045.1
RCC 73102.035.7
SCA 12188.062.0
VSD 1 sus-55.0
VSD 2 res122.076.1
VSD 3 res144.029.4