Flavour Data  

Wilbert Phillips-Mora, Adriana Arciniegas-Leal, Allan Mata-Quirós & Juan Carlos Motamayor-Arias (2013) Catalogue of Cacao Clones Selected by CATIE for Commercial Plantings. Technical series. Technical manual/CATIE no.105

Clone nameTempDurationDescriptionNotes
CATIE-R112625Mild early acidity that is definitely fruit like. Very pleasant. It has middle cooked fruit / yellow fruit note. It could be seen also as a dried red fruit. It is moderate cocoa in midtaste with some bitterness with the cocoa. Astringency is present but moderate. Ends with a very pleasant cocoa / browned fruit note along with mild bitterness.Provided by Ed Seguine
CATIE-R412625It has an initial acidity that is a cross between fruit acid and a mineral acid (like Papua-New Guinea acidity). Has a shift to the center taste of a very aromatic and floral woody note like a fragrant cedar woody character. Chocolate is moderate with only moderate astringency but more bitterness. It is a very interesting flavor bean type.Provided by Ed Seguine
CATIE-R612625Moderate up front acidity with mineral acid and fruit acid notes. Middle taste has some brown wood characteristics with moderate astringency and mild bitterness. It has a later browned fruit / dried fruit note. Has a middle-to-end chocolate base that is quite good. 126°C x 25 minutes is a good roast for this bean.Provided by Ed Seguine
CC 13714514Moderate up front acidity with a mix of fruit (citric) and mineral acid. Cacao is relatively low. It has low bitterness and moderate astringency. Some generic browned notes, but this is not a particularly distinguished bean. It could be used for a very mild milk chocolate.Provided by Ed Seguine
ICS 95--Astringent up front followed by sharp acid, but not as strong at the lower roasting temperature. Has a distinct bitter, browned character. Has some chocolate, but not a lot. Late taste is mildly astringent but has a green forest note.Provided by Ed Seguine
PMCT 5814913Mild acidity early on that gives way to definite browned, dried fruit, leathery, dark raisin-like notes. Clean flavor. Has low astringency and only mild bitterness. Some chocolate flavor, but is mild. Very interesting flavor profile. Based on the end taste, the end bitterness is coming from the roast rather than from the beans.Provided by Ed Seguine