Disease Data  

Pires, J.L., Monteiro, W.R., Pinto, L.R.M. & Luz, E.D.M.N. (1996) Resistance to Witches Broom - Evaluation of genotypes from different origins. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Cocoa Research Conference, Salvador, Brasil 1996 Cocoa Producers' Alliance (in press).

Clone namePathogenReaction
C 87 /56 [TRI]Witches' Broomtolerant
C SUL 10Witches' Broomtolerant
C SUL 2Witches' Broomtolerant
C SUL 3Witches' Broomtolerant
C SUL 4Witches' Broomtolerant
C SUL 5Witches' Broomtolerant
C SUL 7Witches' Broomtolerant
C SUL 8Witches' Broomtolerant
C SUL 9Witches' Broomtolerant
CAB 4Witches' Broomtolerant
CAB 5003 /23Witches' Broomtolerant
CCN 10Witches' Broomtolerant
CCN 34Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 1015Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 25Witches' Broomintermediate
CEPEC 42Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 504Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 515Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 523Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 541Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 74Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 84Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 86Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 89Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 90Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 91Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 92Witches' Broomtolerant
CEPEC 94Witches' Broomtolerant
CHU 120 [VEN]Witches' Broomtolerant
EET 376 [ECU]Witches' Broomtolerant
EET 390 [ECU]Witches' Broomtolerant
EET 397 [ECU]Witches' Broomtolerant
EET 45 [ECU]Witches' Broomtolerant
EQX 107 [EQX]Witches' Broomtolerant
IAC 1Witches' Broomtolerant
MA 16 [BRA]Witches' Broomtolerant
MOQ 2 /16Witches' Broomtolerant
NA 33Witches' Broomtolerant
OC 67 [VEN]Witches' Broomtolerant
PENTAGONAWitches' Broomtolerant
POUND 4 /BWitches' Broomtolerant
RB 38 [BRA]Witches' Broomtolerant
RB 39 [BRA]Witches' Broomtolerant
SGU 26Witches' Broomtolerant
TSA 641Witches' Broomsusceptible
TSA 656Witches' Broomtolerant
TSAN 792Witches' Broomtolerant
TSH 516Witches' Broomtolerant
TSH 565Witches' Broomtolerant
TSH 774Witches' Broomtolerant