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L49-H98 [ECU]  Theobroma cacao

Synonyms: CCAT 4998

Meets flavour requirements for KAOKA chocolate company (nutty, intense floral) [EET 577]   Quiroz Vera, James Gonzalo et al., No Date


Recommended clone in:
Ecuador (Zona Central de Manabi)
Local Name: 'EET 577'
Recommended by: INIAP
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 Cornejo, O.E. et al., 2018
BioProject: PRJNA486011   NCBI   ENA FASTQ 
Project: PRJEB28591   EVA (project)   EVA (analysis) 
Library Source: Genomic
Run: SRR7774182   NCBI   ENA FASTQ 
Experiment: SRX4629642
BioSample: SAMN09934415
SampleName: CCAT4998_EET577
SampleSource: Ecuador

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List received in 2009   Reference
• Local Name: CCAT4998
List received in 2012   Reference
• Local Name: CCAT-4998
• Local Name: EET - 577

 Quiroz Vera, James Gonzalo et al., No Date

Yield: 1500 kg ha-1 yr-1

Dry Weight: 1.10 g

Quiroz Vera, James Gonzalo, Saul Mestanza V & Nathalia Parada V. n.d. (No Date) Catalogo de Clones De Cacao Recomendadas Por INIAP [Catalogue of Cacao Clones Recommended by INIAP]. INIAP
Cornejo, O.E., Muh-Ching Yee, Victor Dominguez, Mary Andrews, Alexandra Sockell, Erika Strandberg, Donald Livingstone III, Conrad Stack, Alberto Romero, Pathmanathan Umaharan, Stefan Royaert, Nilesh R. Tawari, Pauline Ng, Osman Gutierrez, Wilbert Phillips, Keithanne Mockaitis, Carlos D. Bustamante & Juan C. Motamayor (2018) Population genomic analyses of the chocolate tree, Theobroma cacao L., provide insights into its domestication process. Commun Biol 1, 167
Loor-Solórzano, Rey Gastón, Ange Marie Risterucci, Brigitte Courtois, Olivier Fouet, M Jeanneau, E Rosenquist, F Amores, A Vasco, M Medina & Claire Lanaud (2009) Tracing the Native Ancestors of the Modern Theobroma Cacao L. Population in Ecuador. Tree Genetics and Genomes 5 (3): 421–33
EET - Pichilingue (2012) Accessions planted in EET - Pichilingue, Ecuador. Freddy Amores and Ignacio Sotomayor C, personal communication, February 2012.