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P 30 [POS]    Theobroma cacao

 Posnette, A.F. (1943)
Cacao selection on the Gold Coast. Tropical Agriculture (Trinidad) 20: pp. 149-155.

Collected by Posnette.
Location: Kpeve, Ghana.

Notes:  Lockwood and Gyamfi, 1979 [LOC79A] Selections made among Amelonado types on farms at Kpeve. The codes of some may be written es e.g. P 4/9 [POS] meaning row 4 stand 9.

Bartley, 1998a [BAR98A] There is may be some confusion between the P 30 [POS] selection made by Posnette in Ghana and the POUND 30 [POU] wild collected material from Peru collected by Pound which were originally distributed by Kew. Both have a similar shaped fruit and both were held by Kew at the same time.


 Cornejo, O.E. et al., 2018
BioProject: PRJNA486011   NCBI   ENA FASTQ 
Project: PRJEB28591   EVA (project)   EVA (analysis) 
Library Source: Genomic
Run: SRR7774277   NCBI   ENA FASTQ 
Experiment: SRX4629547
BioSample: SAMN09934581
SampleName: mvP30

List received in 2012   Reference
• Local Name: P30
   - Year of Accession: 1972
List received in 1991   Reference
• Local Name: P 30 [POS]

Tolerant, sp. P. palmivora (Pod).
 Enriquez, G. & Soria, V.J., 1977

Shape: amelonado

Posnette, A.F. (1943) Cacao selection on the Gold Coast. Tropical Agriculture (Trinidad) 20: pp. 149-155.
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KKO (1993) Information from the KKO cocoa germplasm database. Information supplied on computer diskette by C. Cilas, CIRAD-CP, France.